Friday, August 3, 2012

Broadcast Editing

The field of broadcast journalism is comprehensive. It has an effect on national and international level from its site. So concerning part of different type of audience is very important in editing news content of broadcast media. They should spend their long time for editing to the content. If the disseminated content makes the audience dissatisfied they will turn another channel. Every news bulletin has their targeted audience. Thus news editor of broadcast media should have understanding about psychology of audience. Through different source, national and international agency and staff reporters have gathered new in broadcast media. Sometime the news, which is gathered from another radio and television have to make base for broadcast. Usually broadcast media take news from international station in the cost of international news. Such as press release, faxes, messages from telephone are also base or source of news. The news, which come from different source may edit or rewrite. Usually the news which comes from agency has been written for print media should modify to oral language. Some news may be long, it should make short and suitable by editing. The professional communicators of broadcast media should have understanding about standardizing of words counting of news, which should be in 80 to 100 words. Carefully copy editing of news is highly required in electronic editing. After copy editing, editor must decide the news is suitable or not for broadcasting. Taking part of main theme or quote of the news should be logical. At the same time, news may gather from different part of world. In this situation, editor should have decision power for selection and determine the space of important and necessary news for immediate bulletin. If the duration of tape or film is 3 minutes the editor may reduce it in 1 minute. All of this task should have done in deadline. The content may not be repeated. In the electronic broadcasting, the editor should edit the matter, which is written in paper should be matching with audio and visual.