Friday, August 3, 2012

News Bulletin

The bulletin is more than a sum-total of a number of stories. The bulletin is a collective form in which the separate news items are brought into a coherent order and some relationship.

News bulletin is the transmitting time of sum-total of news stories, which is determined by media. In time of news bulletin, fresh news is presented separately in same time. Media house has mentioned certain time for regular news bulletin, but sometime in particular incident or condition, media house may broadcast special bulletin.
Skill and editorial idea should have presented by professional communicator in news bulletin. Especially, the time of news bulletin in radio is 10 to 15 minutes. Some time the bulletin has space of 5 minutes without headlines.   

Elements of News Bulletin

The headline
Main points of broadcast media are the headline of broadcast media. The bulletin, which has space of 10 minutes, is every hour news bulletin. These types of bulletin have few headlines. Commonly these types of news bulletin mentions 4 headlines. The news bulletin, which has space of 15 minutes, has 5 headlines. But some bulletin may be long, may one hour time space. We can aspect comprehensive news matter in these type bulletins. The headline is repeated in mid time of bulletin.

The body of bulletin
News anchor reads different news after reading of headline. Different news is the body of bulletin. But the anchor reads some news without headline. These types of news are based on formal program. The news will present with headline in beginning period of bulletin, which has especial news value.


The break or commercial break
News anchor stops news reading while he/she is reading news continuously in news bulletin. To stopping of news is for presentation of identity of the media. For example, if the news anchor of Radio Nepal stops the news and says this is Radio Nepal, you are listening news of 9 o'clock bulletin. It proved that the news bulletin broadcasting by particular media.  Different news bulletin may be broadcasting at same time. If there is no break listener may be in dilemma that which bulletin is broadcasting? Radio station may face this type of identity problem.
After break for identity of station, media broadcast advertisements as commercial message. Broadcasting time of new bulletin is significant. So rate of advertisement is expensive, which is casting in time of news bulletin.

The repeated headline
News anchor repeats headlines of the news before ending of news. The audiences who have not got chance to heard headline, they get chance to know about previously broadcasted news. Radio and television both media have followed this types of trend. Television shows footage of related subject matter with script and similarly radio broadcasts only the related bite of audio.

Presentation of News
News anchor present the news after preparation the news. News presentation is also an art, thus pre-exercise is necessary is this art. The news anchors are these types of journalists, who have qualification of news reading. He/she should have good pronunciation as well as presentation of feelings.
News anchoring is final stage of news oriented task of news presentation. To collecting, writing, editing than broadcasting of news are major tasks of broadcast journalism.
News anchor should be aware with language, feelings and technical part during news presentation. If something has been mistake, it may affect to the whole image of media house. Thus the news anchor should be attractive, balance, conscious and efficient with good image. He/she should be cleat that what type of matter is reading by them. The news should be read by them seriously before on air. If they do not it they may be in dilemma. Qualities of 3C are necessary to the professional communicators of broadcast media. The term 3C refers to clarity, comprehensiveness and Command. 3C is basic qualities of news anchor.
News anchor should draw attention to their respiration.  If the anchor couldn't control his/her respiration echo will be created in sound. It will not better impact to audience. In the moment of news anchoring gesture and eye contact should be balanced.
In news anchoring the anchor should give stress to significant words and sentence. But he/she should not give stress to wrong words and sentences. He/she draw attention to this idea before airing the news.

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