Friday, August 3, 2012

Electronic Reporting

 Broadcast journalism tends to have a more immediate feel than does print journalism, reporting things that are happening now rather than that happened earlier.  

The term electronic reporting refers to collect news for broadcast media. Radios, FM and televisions are in the categories of broadcast media. But now a day online televisions are also have been running.
We should understand about the term 'broadcast' in pronunciation of electronic reporting. Messages transmit with the help of technologies through air to audience in broadcast media. We can say electronic reporting is radio reporting and television reporting. Radio reporting concern with audio only, while television reporting concern with audio and visual.
The editor leads to print media but news chief leads to electronic media for news section. In electronic media, news is significant part as well as entertainment part is also significant as parallel part of the media. The director or station manager leads to whole part of a broadcast media.Identity or advantage of broadcast media is transmitting message to audience immediately. Print media has significant role itself, but it can't compete with broadcast media in transmitting of message immediately. Significance of electronic media is growing day by day due to expansion of technologies.
Words, sentences, music, other sounds and silences are important for the journalists who are working in radio. The messages of radio reach to audience in reasonable cost than other media. Television journalism has power to broadcast after catching audio and visual with using of camera. Studio cameras, outside broadcast cameras (OB), film cameras are used in television journalism. Visuals and audios are taken with the help of these cameras. In these tasks actively collaboration between reporter and camera person is needed.  Now a day an individual collects news with using camera his/herself.
Radio reporters go to news collection with recording devices. He/she reach to reporting field or subject matter by carrying recorder with him/her while television reporters reach to reporting field with camera person or alone with camera to take audio and visual.Pages have been separated to suitable subject matter in print media, but broadcast media do not have pages. The condition of broadcast in electronic media is called news bulletin or newscast.  
A news bulletin has space of 10 to 20 minutes. The reporters of broadcast media have to provide news to their affiliated media according to the time of news bulletin.